Letting Go To The Heart


Photo by Sharon Dutra

Photo by Sharon Dutra

Here’s the first of many free Alignment Process sessions. We hope it brings you some peace of mind this week. If it does, please consider sending this to someone you think could use the support it provides.To benefit from this AP session, simply read the De-Energizing and Energizing statements and then do the Alignment Completion at the end.

Letting Go To The Heart

There’s much change swirling in our world – both at the macro level and in our own personal lives. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by what’s occurring in your life right now, we want to encourage you to focus on your spiritual side. 

We have a tendency to cling to our thinking and don’t allow our spiritual side to reveal solutions. When we get into this groove, it’s hard to see the big picture of what is occurring and we get bogged down in the repetitive nature of our mind chatter.  This post is a reminder that it’s time to focus on your spiritual side.


You are so much more than your mind allows you to recognize. Let go to your heart and allow it to soothe your thinking.


How do you do this?

  1. Be in nature and soak in the beauty of this season. Feel the spirit of nature and observe its perfect order.
  2. Be spontaneous and watch what happens. The mind is calculating and the heart loves to be spontaneous. When you’re overly identified with your mind, spontaneity stays on hold. Practice being spontaneous this week and see how it distracts the ruminations of your mind.

De-Energizing Beliefs

  • I can’t seem to detach from the restrictions of my mind
  • My mind has always taken the lead in my life and it’s my winning formula.
  • I don’t know how to let my spiritual side guide me.
  • I will allow my spiritual awareness to be revealed once I can be certain it’s logical.
  • Maybe the path of a spiritual life won’t work out for me, so I need a backup plan just in case.
  • If I keep just one foot in my old way of thinking, I’ll be certain to have a fallback position.
  • When my life makes sense, then I’ll embark on a spiritual journey.
  • I have to strive to work everything out on my terms and stay in control.
  • I have to hide my spiritual side from my friends and family.
  • My mind runs my life and I don’t have a say in it.
  • I’m overly identified with my mind and unable to be spontaneous.

Energizing Beliefs

  • I let go of my need for a backup position and allow my spirit to lead me to a new journey.
  • I am willing to detach from the limitations of my mind.
  • I see the big picture in this situation and it gives me a better perspective.
  • I rest within the light of my soul.
  • I take time to feel the spirit that is alive within me.
  • I gratefully accept the love that shines upon me.
  • I accept that the eternal nature of life is beyond my complete understanding.
  • I’m willing to focus more on my spiritual side and less on my thinking.
  • I surrender my thoughts and fears to my heart.
  • I accept that all of nature is in perfect order and that includes me too.
  • When I get in nature I’m reminded that this beauty is within my heart and it slows down my thinking.
  • I only use my mind for interacting with the world
  • I don’t need to be calculative and trust my spontaneity.
  • I see how spontaneity is the nature of my heart.
  • I’m willing to remain attuned with the positive feelings of my heart.
  • I long for peace within.
  • I process this Alignment Process session with grace, ease, love and joy.

Alignment Completion

Inhale vigorously through nose and exhale through your nose – in and out. After 15 seconds, pause after exhale. Then gently continue breathing through your nose for another 20 to 30 seconds. Take a moment to recognize the feeling of being lighter. You’re now complete.